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Delivery Tickets...
We get many phone calls and questions about our delivery tickets. Some of the most common are explained below. If you have any more questions call the office, we are more than happy to help any way we can!
 (231) 946-9011 or toll free  1-877-487-4427
General Customer Information
On the left side of your ticket is general information.
Your account number will be in the first box.
The second box is the delivery reference number specific to that delivery used for billing.
The large box contains the customer name and delivery address.
Now things get a little more complicated...
The right side of the ticket contains information on how much gas was delivered, the date and time of the delivery and the price per gallon in cents at the time of delivery.
This portion of the ticket can be difficult to read.
These tickets print off the delivery trucks and the information does not always line up well with it's description on the ticket.
The blue print is already on the ticket, the gray print is printed from the delivery trucks.
The Break-Down
Date & Time
The first line is the date and time of the delivery.
Gals Reading Start
The second line "Gals Reading-Start" will always be .0. This is what the truck meter started at before the delivery.
This is NOT how much gas was in the tank before the delivery.
Gals Reading Finish
The next line "Gals. Reading-finish" is how many gallons were pumped into the tank on delivery.  In the example above 40.0 gallons were delivered. In the example below the numbers do not line up well. "Gals Reading- Finish" is 143.7 or the second number below the time on the right.
Sales Sequence Number
"Sales Sequence number" is the number of deliveries your driver has made so far that day. In the example to the left the "Sales Sequence Number" is 25.
In other words this delivery is the 25th delivery for that driver so far that day.
The ticket below lines up better. In this example the "Sales Sequence Number" is 16.
Price Per Gallon-Cents
The forth number down from the time is the price per gallon in cents at the time of delivery. In the example below the customer paid 240.9 cents per gallon or $2.409 per gallon that delivery.
This price is used as an example only and does NOT reflect
Tri-Gas's Current price per gallon. (Thank God, right?!?!?!)
Product Cost, Tax & Total Price
The Fifth number down form the time on the right is "Product Cost"
This is your total before state sales tax.
The next line is sales "tax" this will be 4% for residential customers and 6% for commercial customers. The very last line is "Total" this is your total including state sales tax. This does not reflect the balance on your account just your total for this particular delivery.
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