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With 24/7 emergency service and no hidden fees we are here to serve you!
We offer a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and needs. Our most popular services are listed below. Please call or stop by for more information on current promotions and custom options.
The Keep Full program is a service available to qualified customers FREE of charge.
On the keep full program our computers estimate your tank level based on past usage and Tri-Gas automatically delivers when the tank is low.

because this service is based on past usage if your propane demands change for any reason please contact our office.
Customers with past-due balances or tanks that are not readily accessible to our delivery drivers do NOT qualify for the keep full program.
The will call program is for customers who prefer to monitor their own tanks and schedule deliveries based on specific needs, i.e. plowing of a difficult driveway, or customers who are on a COD payment plan.

On will call the customer is responsible for monitoring their propane usage by checking the tank gauge and calling for a delivery when the tank reaches 30%.
Bulk customers: Remember to drop the hood once before reading the gauge. This will stop the gauge from "sticking".
Same day emergency deliveries may be subject to a fee. This does not include a pressure test fee which is necessary if the tank has completely run out.
Emergency deliveries made after hours are subject to a fee as well this fee does not include pressure test fee.
Every time a tank runs out completely Tri-Gas is legally obligated to perform a pressure test. This test checks for leaks in the system. There is a charge for pressure tests.
Click on the above chart for more information on tank gauges
Tri-gas Delivers cylinders for all your residential and commercial needs. Contact our office for more information or to set up service!
 It is illegal for Tri-Gas to fill other company's tanks and vice versa. If you are not sure which company's tank you have, check the color. This can help to identify the service provider. 
All Tri-Gas bulk tanks are forest green and all Tri-Gas Cylinders are silver with red tops.
  There may also be information on the service provider under the hood of the tank.
If you think you own your tank we will need a bill of sale, or receipt from the purchase of the tank, in order to fill the tank.
 If you currently have another service provider and would like to switch to Tri-Gas we would love to make it happen!
Contact us at the office (231) 946-9011 or 1-877-4-TRI-GAS or fill out a form for us to contact you!
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