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Billing Options
Pay your Tri-Gas bill in your pajamas (optional)
Payments are now accepted online. Simply click the link below of your Tri-Gas branch and sign in or register for 24 hour account access.
The auto bill program is all about convenience. We save a credit card on your Tri-Gas account and automatically bill that card each time you get a delivery. It is safe, secure and easy. Call our office for details and to sign up.
Our budget program is monthly billing for customers based on past years' usage. 
This program is set up to help customers spread out payments instead of having big bills in the winter months and little or no bills in the summer. 
The budget starts in June and runs for 12 months.
Left over balances can be applied to the next years' budget or refunded in full. 
Budget customers are also eligible for the Auto Pay program.
If budget payments are not current customers are no longer eligible for this service.
Renter accounts are all set up as CASH ON DELIVERY payment plans. Renters cannot charge unless the landlord is willing to sign a rental agreement. If a rental agreement is signed the landlord is then responsible for covering any bills NOT paid by the tenant.  Contact our office for more information or for a rental agreement form.
If you need help paying your gas bill or getting a delivery you may qualify for assistance. Contact our office for a list of local agencies offering help to LP customers.
Concerned or confused about your propane price per gallon?
Is there a cost to shopping around?
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